Home-made Pressing Starch from Rice

I’ve recently discovered how wonderful it is to cut and work with fabrics that have been starched. It took a long time for me to get on board with this idea. I figured the hassle of finding starch, and then preparing the fabric, would stretch out the cutting stage of the project, and this is where IContinue reading “Home-made Pressing Starch from Rice”

Teenage wardrobe love

Okay, so I teased you some time ago now about upgrading Isobel’s wardrobe, right? If you remember from back then, Isobel’s wardrobe looked like this: Having achieved great results with the little kids wardrobe, I wanted to do basically the same thing for Isobel, but with a more teenage flair. For ages (and I mean,Continue reading “Teenage wardrobe love”

Orchard netting complete!

Remember back when we upgraded the walls of our orchard with a new solid wire wall? Our plan at the time was to secure the top of the orchard with some netting, stretched over hoops. → It’s done! ← We’ve had the netting since we put up the hoops, but we stalled at the time becauseContinue reading “Orchard netting complete!”

New kitchen curtains — no sewing required!

Yeah, I know — sometimes I surprise even myself! Who knew that when I woke up this morning intending to put together some new kitchen curtains, that I wouldn’t need to even get out a pair of scissors? And yet … that’s just what I did. 😀 Because I feel like doing everything upside downContinue reading “New kitchen curtains — no sewing required!”

Kitchen Redo: Phase Two Surprise!

Last year I knocked over painting one wall of cabinets in the kitchen, and pretty soon I was ready to get on with phase two: painting either the cabinets under the bench top, or the ones over the stove. I took a few weeks to mull this over, as both were significantly harder, logistically, thanContinue reading “Kitchen Redo: Phase Two Surprise!”

Kitchen Redo: Painting cabinets!

Okay, so I mentioned a while back that I had done some DIY in the kitchen, and had actual photos of some progress. This is true: yay! Unfortunately, when I was painting my kitchen cabinets, I didn’t think of taking a “before” picture. It turns out that the part of the kitchen I painted isContinue reading “Kitchen Redo: Painting cabinets!”