Kitchen Redo: Phase Two Surprise!

Last year I knocked over painting one wall of cabinets in the kitchen, and pretty soon I was ready to get on with phase two: painting either the cabinets under the bench top, or the ones over the stove. I took a few weeks to mull this over, as both were significantly harder, logistically, thanContinue reading “Kitchen Redo: Phase Two Surprise!”

Kitchen Redo: Painting cabinets!

Okay, so I mentioned a while back that I had done some DIY in the kitchen, and had actual photos of some progress. This is true: yay! Unfortunately, when I was painting my kitchen cabinets, I didn’t think of taking a “before” picture. It turns out that the part of the kitchen I painted isContinue reading “Kitchen Redo: Painting cabinets!”

DIY: Light and Colour

When we first moved into our house (almost five years ago now) we were lucky enough to have a place that was already rather nice, with only a couple of minor eyesores. We had lived for a few years in rental accommodation, and we were used to blank walls and adequate kitchens and bathrooms. OurContinue reading “DIY: Light and Colour”