Tree change!

Now for something completely different — we’ve moved to a rural property! Our new place is 2 hectares (5 acres) on the edge of the Southern Highlands—south of Sydney, in the cooler hills, with a drier, more temperate climate. And what an amazing place this is! We have a large amount of space in whichContinue reading “Tree change!”

Pixie in the Garden

With all of these posts lately about sewing and handcrafts, have you been wondering how things are going in our garden? All of the summer veggies are finished up, so we’ve pulled out the zucchini plants and the straggly tomatoes. In their place we have some self-sown Zinnias, plus seedlings of tomatoes and some cucumbers.Continue reading “Pixie in the Garden”

Moving a raised garden bed

Springtime is a busy time — when we are paying attention to our garden! This year we’ve moved some garden beds around, so we’re redesigning our vegetable rotation, and what goes where. For example, we’ve moved the strawberries from their old too-shady location, to inside the netted orchard: More dramatically, we disassembled the raspberry bedContinue reading “Moving a raised garden bed”