Autumn moments

Soooo, it’s been awhile! 🙂

Since Christmas I’ve been insanely busy, juggling lots of work and my medieval re-enactment hobby, and raising children at the same time. Who’d a thunk it?

Today, however, I was tending my plants in the greenhouse and taking a moment to breathe in the warm earthy atmosphere, and I realised I have some time. Some actual time again!

Time to really drink in the moment.

Greenhouse tomatoes

Like this!

It’s autumn now, and we’ve just dug over all our garden beds, ready to plant our winter crops. The tomatoes in the greenhouse are looking really good, as are our chilli plants.

Broad beans all in a row

We also have some broad beans popping up in the garden. We’ve dug in all the weeds left over from the Summer crops (and there were many weeds this year). I think the soil has enjoyed being left fallow for a while.

Netted broccoli

There is broccoli coming along, too. The Cabbage White Moth is still apparently active, so I’ve tried netting some of the plants in an effort to reduce the number of caterpillars we get munching down on the leaves. There are no brassica trap crops this year to distract the moth from its single minded Brassica-destroying purpose!

I had to squish all the little yellow eggs I found on the leaves before I covered them up. Last time I tried this, the caterpillars were already in place and netting them over just stopped natural predators from getting in and cleaning them up! Oops. Plus, it was a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. We grew some skeleton broccoli that year. I will remember to check these guys more frequently.

Ha! She says.

2 thoughts on “Autumn moments

  1. It’s my dream to garden my own vegetables once I have my own home. It’s so nice to see your set up. 🙂

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