Broodies and berries

It’s hot today. Currently, it “feels like” 34 degrees Celsius, which is about 93 Fahrenheit — not impossibly hot, but it’s quite uncomfortable if you are a chicken! Especially if you are a chicken who has decided to raise a nest of little chicks! These two (Harriet and Cricket) are both broody at the same time. ThatContinue reading “Broodies and berries”

Orchard netting complete!

Remember back when we upgraded the walls of our orchard with a new solid wire wall? Our plan at the time was to secure the top of the orchard with some netting, stretched over hoops. → It’s done! ← We’ve had the netting since we put up the hoops, but we stalled at the time becauseContinue reading “Orchard netting complete!”

Local Spring Flora

Hello all! Yesterday I took my neighbour’s dog for a walk, as they have gone away for a couple of days. A few steps past my driveway I started to notice that a huge array of native flora is out and blooming. And some non-natives, too. 🙂 Here’s a glimpse at what my neighbourhood isContinue reading “Local Spring Flora”

Digging in the green manure

“Digging in the green manure” is not nearly as gross as it sounds. For one thing, there’s no poop involved! On Fathers’ Day we came home from ten pin bowling to discover a brief moment of sunshine, and two sleeping children in the back of the car. Hello, opportunity! So, I took half a momentContinue reading “Digging in the green manure”

Weeds get forked

The other day we experienced a respite from the endless rain, at which point I noticed our garlic patch had become rather overgrown with weeds: Garlic (and other alliums) don’t really like having competition, so I decided to take advantage of the brief sunshine and nip those weeds out. Usually when I do this task,Continue reading “Weeds get forked”