Weeds get forked

Old kitchen fork used for weeding

The other day we experienced a respite from the endless rain, at which point I noticed our garlic patch had become rather overgrown with weeds:

Weeds in the garlic patch
Lots of weeds in that there garden bed!

Garlic (and other alliums) don’t really like having competition, so I decided to take advantage of the brief sunshine and nip those weeds out. Usually when I do this task, I just get in with my hands, but I felt a bit dainty that day and took a fork with me:

Old kitchen fork used for weeding
This old kitchen fork is a useful garden tool.

I brushed back some weeds and exposed the soil underneath, and then shoved with my fork to push the roots up out of the ground.

Levering up some weeds
Levering up some weeds

Sometimes I used the fork face up, and sometimes face down.

Fork used face down to pull weeds
Face down is slightly easier, I think

I also used the fork to scrape away at the surface: this made it like a mini-rake and meant I could spot where the main weed stems were, much more quickly then normal. I also ended up with way less dirt under my fingernails. Yay!

It wasn’t long before my garlic plants were liberated:

No more weeds in the garlic patch
Nice and neat

Later in the afternoon, I went out to feed those weeds to the chickens, and I discovered some cheeky cockatoos in the yard.

Cheeky cockatoos sitting on garden structures
Bold as brass, this lot

I also ran out of onions in my pantry and needed one for a recipe, so I hunted about in the broad beans bed, and found this guy:

Well formed leek
Now that’s a good bit of leek!

That’s the best leek we’ve ever grown! It made a highly delicious lentil burger patty, let me tell you.

Leeks (and alliums) aren’t supposed to do well in the same garden bed with the legume family (broad beans included). I don’t think it affected this leek very much!

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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