Chicken coop upgrade

I mentioned briefly in my last post that Stephen had been working inside the chicken coop on the weekend, building a new garden bed. You might wonder what on earth we were trying to do! Anyone who keeps chickens will know that garden beds are an irresistible source of entertainment for animals that Love. To.Continue reading “Chicken coop upgrade”

Native Frangipani seeds

Last night at dusk we found a lovely white egg in the chicken coop, right where Matilda had been huddling moments before. I quickly got in there before the chooks had time to investigate because we thought it might have a soft shell. It was just hardening up! What a wonderful surprise in the evening.Continue reading “Native Frangipani seeds”

Some new girls for our flock

We have been running with two chooks in our hen-house since last summer. Raven (a pure-bred Australorp) has been the boss of the house, but she has only had Harriet (our Barnevelder hen you can see in the background of that shot above) to keep in place. Now we have introduced two new young hensContinue reading “Some new girls for our flock”