The coup in the coop

Yesterday, it seems, the balance of power in our chicken coop shifted. Our ‘boss’ hen, Raven, remains in her happy (and oblivious) position at the top of the pecking order, but something has upset Harriet’s apple cart. I can’t say I’m terribly sorry for her, as it appears Harriet has grown into a bit ofContinue reading “The coup in the coop”

Chicken coop maintenance

This last week has been so warm, it was classed as a heat-wave. Which feels very odd indeed, as we are just about to leave Autumn behind us for Winter! Yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm, but not hot: perfect for some chicken coop maintenance. Every now and then (and I don’t really keep track ofContinue reading “Chicken coop maintenance”

Tending the flock

Since our little Charlotte departed, we have been very busy tending to our small flock. Cricket (our other little chick who came to us with Charlotte) was also sick, although we only noticed after inspecting her closely — she seemed to be perfectly well, and growing bold amongst the other chickens. We took Cricket upContinue reading “Tending the flock”

Home grown broccoli: better than you can imagine!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying some warm Spring weather, or some colourful Autumn leaves, wherever you happen to be. 🙂 We are harvesting our broccoli at the moment, and this year has been the best yet! Previously we’ve managed to get just one broccoli plant to produce a “head” of broccoli, outContinue reading “Home grown broccoli: better than you can imagine!”

Autumn in the garden

Today was an amazingly warm autumn day – a big change from the very cold weather we had over the Easter weekend! The little chicks are growing up fast. Cricket is now saying “bok bok” a lot more than “cheep cheep”, and charlotte is growing a rather lovely hen’s tail. I’m feeling a little reservedContinue reading “Autumn in the garden”

There be ticks in them thar hills

It seems we are in the middle of a plague of tiny ticks at our house at the moment. Our house backs onto bush, and there are creeks throughout our area – perfect for ticks! 😦 Normally we see a variety of sizes, ranging from teeny tiny pin-prick ticks up to size-of-a-glass-headed-pin. Thankfully we areContinue reading “There be ticks in them thar hills”

An Aphid infestation

On the weekend I discovered my Bay tree was infested with Aphids. This is the first time in a couple of years I’ve seen a plant in our garden really inundated, and there was not a ladybird in sight! Looks like the natural Aphid predators we have been nurturing have all gone quiet for Autumn,Continue reading “An Aphid infestation”

New chicks on the block

Today I took our Rhode Island Red rooster (Rose) back to the breeder, and swapped her for two new little chickens — this time, hopefully both hens! As soon as I arrived, Rose was welcomed back into the flock by three curious free-ranging ducks. Awwww. I may have been feeling a little sentimental, as I’veContinue reading “New chicks on the block”