Chicken coop maintenance

This last week has been so warm, it was classed as a heat-wave. Which feels very odd indeed, as we are just about to leave Autumn behind us for Winter! Yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm, but not hot: perfect for some chicken coop maintenance. Every now and then (and I don’t really keep track ofContinue reading “Chicken coop maintenance”

Autumn in the garden

Today was an amazingly warm autumn day – a big change from the very cold weather we had over the Easter weekend! The little chicks are growing up fast. Cricket is now saying “bok bok” a lot more than “cheep cheep”, and charlotte is growing a rather lovely hen’s tail. I’m feeling a little reservedContinue reading “Autumn in the garden”

Morning walk in the garden

Walking through the garden yesterday morning, there are a lot of new crops coming along, and a couple of problems to deal with: We shall have to do something about the citrus: the Orange tree needs immediate attention, I think. Then there is also this guy: This goanna sometimes visits our chicken coop looking forContinue reading “Morning walk in the garden”