Morning walk in the garden

Walking through the garden yesterday morning, there are a lot of new crops coming along, and a couple of problems to deal with:

We shall have to do something about the citrus: the Orange tree needs immediate attention, I think. Then there is also this guy:

This goanna sometimes visits our chicken coop looking for eggs. I haven’t seen him since we put the new orchard walls up — I was hoping he wouldn’t find a way in now. Obviously he can still get into the area, but he has a harder time getting out!

He got pretty thoroughly confused inside the coop (as usual) but eventually found the open door. I had already evacuated the chickens from the area, so they were safe off eating borage seedlings on our driveway (cheeky chooks!). This time I had to open the gate at the top of the orchard to let him go on up the driveway and away from me and my scary broom. Then I herded our chooks back into their enclosure. Phew!

I think the wooden fence line in the orchard might need work at ground level where there are some gaps big enough for the goanna to sneak in. He only finds the gaps when he isn’t panicking!

And he hasn’t found our eggs. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Morning walk in the garden

  1. Nice big goanna that decided to visit, glad to hear he didn’t get the eggs. I guess the chooks alerted you to the visitor in their yard? I know my chooks would have!! The poor orange tree does look a bit sick, I hope it recovers okay, my citrus are looking a bit sick too, but in my case it is lack of rain 😦


  2. Actually, I went out to check on our broody hen, who was taking some time out in a draughty-cage. Turns out the other chickens have so much space available they didn’t even realise he was there! But Madam Bokky was pretty unimpressed at being trapped in a small space nearby. She was relieved to escape πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your comment :). I’m glad I’m not the only one with citrus woes. It has been so very dry this summer, hasn’t it?


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