Native Frangipani seeds

Last night at dusk we found a lovely white egg in the chicken coop, right where Matilda had been huddling moments before. I quickly got in there before the chooks had time to investigate because we thought it might have a soft shell. It was just hardening up! What a wonderful surprise in the evening. šŸ™‚

I also found a rather rushed white egg in the nest box today, so I think she may have laid again. This one is also very white, and was obviously more soft shelled. Hopefully she will get the hang of the nests soon!

Meanwhile, out in the garden I discovered that the fruits on the Native Frangipani we have growing in a pot have done the most amazing thing!


The bottom of each small pear shaped fruit has opened up, revealing these papery seeds. Each one is like a really big parsnip seed. I wonder if they will float down and start sprouting in our lawn?


2 thoughts on “Native Frangipani seeds

  1. Yes, their flowers are very fragrant, and ours are yellow like a regular Frangipani, but much smaller. They are an Australian Native, and the botanical name is (I think!) “Hymenosporum flavum”. We were given the plant as a gift for when our daughter was born, and she is about to turn 2. šŸ™‚


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