Garlic Harvest!

Our Dec 2016 garlic harvest was our best ever crop!

In 2015, the garlic harvest was sickly, with small bulbs — that’s probably why I can’t find a previous blog post about it. The cloves were quickly rotting, and about half of each bulb ended up being composted.

In 2016 we decided to give our garlic crop the most love ever, with nitrogen fertiliser (in the form of pelletised chicken manure and worm wee) every few weeks.

And what a huge difference this made! Our garlic grew wonderfully bushy, with tall, green leaves. And when it started to yellow off over the late spring, we knew we were ready for a great crop.


We harvested 43 bulbs, all of them of good size, and some of them enormous!

I set aside the 6 biggest and best bulbs for planting next year, then made 3 ropes of 12 bulbs each using the method described by Penny Woodward.

Two ropes of garlic, each with 12 bulbs, drying in the shade.

The remainder of the garlic has been stored in the kitchen, and is delicious as it looks. 😀

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