Summer Smells like …

White flowers planted in old gumboots


It has been a long time since I showed photos of our garden, because I’ve been crazy busy with full time work. But it’s time to show off the garlic harvest!

The 2018 garlic harvest

The garlic bulbs this year were smaller, and we decided not to replant any next autumn — we’ll get new bulbs from an organic supplier to freshen up our seed stock.

The leaves on the garlic plants were also really stinky. We fertilised with fish emulsion two weeks before harvest, and there was no rain at all! I decided not to plait up the leaves this year, as a result. Hopefully they will store well like this, once the stems fully dry out.

Here’s where we’ve been drying the garlic over the last week:

Our back verandah — a haven after Spring

Isn’t this a dreamy space? We actually had Spring this year in Sydney — usually we charge straight into humid Summer in September. This year we’re surrounded by colour and bloom. 🌸 🌺

As for vegetable gardening, now that my husband is able to spend more time in the garden, things are looking way more organised!

Our youngest daughter is mad for flowers and has influenced us to plant marigolds in the front of the tomato bed. Such a cheerful addition!

I’ll leave you with two last photos — these ones promise good things over summer!

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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