Teenage wardrobe love

Okay, so I teased you some time ago now about upgrading Isobel’s wardrobe, right?

If you remember from back then, Isobel’s wardrobe looked like this:

Isobel's wardrobe
Unfunctional — meh

Having achieved great results with the little kids wardrobe, I wanted to do basically the same thing for Isobel, but with a more teenage flair.

For ages (and I mean, years, maybe?) I’d been toying with converting Isobel’s wardrobe into a closet-office, just like the one shown at no. 29 design. How fabulous would this be? I’ve used chalkboard before, to make a play wall for my kids, and as a feature in the kitchen. The only problem with this solution, is where would we put Isobel’s clothes?? đŸ˜€

After seeing the great results in the little kids’ room, I had a brainwave and merged these two ideas into one: the chalkboard wardrobe.

Chalkboard wardrobe

This looks insanely good. I want it for myself. Seriously.

The odd blank wall on the left hand side of the cupboard is hiding an air-conditioning duct. Now it is a fantastic chalkboard surface that Isobel can use to write slogans, maths homework (ha ha ha) or just decorate with doodles.

We used the same wardrobe system here as we did for the little kids, but switched it up for Isobel’s needs. She doesn’t require a lot of hanging space, but she certainly needed some drawers! This system can be changed around if it turns out she needs more or less hanging space down the track, so we are happy with that.

I’m not going to show you a billion pictures of the finished wardrobe, because this is my teenage daughter’s bedroom, and I think she she some right to privacy. đŸ™‚

Isobel's full wardrobeAlso, it’s a wee bit hard to get great pictures of a room that a teenager lives in. If you have one of your own, you know what I mean!

I waited to show you these pictures until we’d found some curtains to finish it all off. These work soooo much better than the old sliding-glass cupboard doors that all our rooms came equipped with.

Wardrobe curtains up close

Glass panels are nice for bouncing light around, but in these cupboards they really impede access to the contents. Now that the cupboard itself has some character, the curtains are fun way to frame the whole effect, or hide the contents if needed.

I’m 100% happy with how these have turned out. Now Isobel can draw on her walls, if she wants to, or just leave them a dramatic matt black!

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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