Feeling crafty — made an iPad stand!

Hello all!

It’s birthday season again, which means my mind turns inevitably to creating gifts for people, and counting out the days that I can feasibly make something.

Well, hey, an iPad stand turns out to be a fantastic gift idea!

iPad stand

I made this little beauty in about an hour, using this tutorial. I used a jelly roll (“for you”, Zen Chic from Moda) which made it super quick to piece together with nicely matched colours. I don’t often use pre-cut fabrics, but it is so much fun just to get straight into a project, instead of searching through my whole stash!

The upright part of the stand is filled with rice, which means it can’t be washed (so, maybe not for reading recipes, alongside the spaghetti sauce pot!). For stiffener, I used a folded strip of jeans-denim instead of Pellon interfacing, because I prefer to re-purpose items that have worn out. I haven’t purchased interfacing for years!

I have three nieces with birthdays in the same week, so I’m spoilt for choice as to who gets it.

Landscape mode
Landscape mode

I think it might have to be the one turning 13, because this iPad stand simply screams “Hello teenager!” to me. 🙂

It works very nicely in landscape mode, but surprisingly is also steady in portrait mode (which is how I read my e-books, these days).

Works in portrait mode, too!
Works in portrait mode, too!

Evelyn has been trying it out, watching TV on the couch, and it seems just about perfect: solid and stable. I suspect she’s going to be pretty upset to give it up for her cousin!

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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