School Reader Bags

Will is now a couple of years into his schooling, and I have been increasingly frustrated by the plastic envelopes he is required to use for transferring items in his school bag. Our school sends notes home in one envelope, readers in another, plus there are two more envelopes for use at school. I hateContinue reading “School Reader Bags”

DIY haircuts = time and money saved

Hey all! I’ve been very busy since Easter, with a bunch of stuff. My professional life (as a consultant) collided somewhat with my ‘simple life’, and so I’ve been juggling what I can get done at home. One of the tasks I always choose to do myself, though, is haircuts! People are often nervous aboutContinue reading “DIY haircuts = time and money saved”

Caring for Wool Nappy Covers

I’ve been promising for a while to document how I look after my wool nappy (diaper) covers. Well, here it is at last! Caring for wool covers is quite a different story to your typical laundry process. This is mostly because you hardly ever have to wash them! This is just amazing, in my opinion.Continue reading “Caring for Wool Nappy Covers”

Healthy preschool lunches

Hi everyone! I’ve been crazy busy with some sewing in preparation for a major medieval re-enactment event held each year at Easter. I’m madly attempting to pattern and create new gowns for myself and Isobel, but of course I have to start with all the undergarments first (chemise, then corset, then first gown, then theContinue reading “Healthy preschool lunches”

Nappy leaks: getting to the source

A few weeks after making my two new wool nappy covers, I found that Evie was constantly having nappy leaks. One moment she is standing there, looking suddenly focussed, the next a great flood of wee comes down her leg. “Poo-poo!” She announces, and I sigh. I was pretty disappointed, and I blamed my newContinue reading “Nappy leaks: getting to the source”

Shameless brag: Giraffe Cake :)

It was Isobel’s birthday yesterday, and today we are having a party! This is the first time I’ve tried making a fondant cake, and hey, all that play dough practice has paid off! I made my own fondant, and it was really easy to work with – not stiff at all. I also bought packetContinue reading “Shameless brag: Giraffe Cake :)”

Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Okay, so they won’t really grow beanstalks that reach up into the sky and lead to a cornucopia of golden egg laying geese, will they? I think beans are magical, though, because of the sheer distracting power they have over children. Ha, bet you didn’t think I was going to say that! Kids fighting in theContinue reading “Beans, beans, the magical fruit”

Upcycle a sweater into a nappy cover!

Here in Australia, we call them woolly “jumpers”. 🙂 When they are too pilled and moth eaten to be of further use as clothing, you can re-purpose these useful items into wool nappy covers. If you’ve been using cloth nappies with PUL covers and want to try wool, don’t be afraid to give it aContinue reading “Upcycle a sweater into a nappy cover!”