Old cot? New spot!

Upcycle, or re-purpose your old baby cot into a lovely day-bed! I really love the new space I’ve created for sitting and looking out over my beautiful garden: Isn’t that dreamy? There’s a lovely breeze coming in the window and the soft South-facing light coming in is perfect for relaxing on a Summer’s Day.  (I’mContinue reading “Old cot? New spot!”

Quilting with recycled fabrics

I’ve had a great weekend because I’ve just finished off a wonderful new quilt top! I’m going to have a hard time giving this one away, but give it away I must! It’s a birthday present for my eldest nephew, who has just started school last week. Today I wanted to share some thoughts onContinue reading “Quilting with recycled fabrics”

Upcycle a sweater into a nappy cover!

Here in Australia, we call them woolly “jumpers”. 🙂 When they are too pilled and moth eaten to be of further use as clothing, you can re-purpose these useful items into wool nappy covers. If you’ve been using cloth nappies with PUL covers and want to try wool, don’t be afraid to give it aContinue reading “Upcycle a sweater into a nappy cover!”