“Eat anytime” snacks

My kids ask for food at seemingly random times of the day. If you have kids, you probably know that feeding the small ones can be a really frustrating experience! Sometimes you make a huge effort to try to tempt their appetite, and they refuse to even look at it, at other times you slap something together and it gets devoured. It’s never the same twice!

Making lunch amusing with a bread roll with eyes
Making lunch amusing with some olive goggly eyes!

So, if you have kids like mine, maybe you also struggle with what to give them, and when. I suspect snacks are my main problem. If I let them eat afternoon tea, the dinner is often spoiled. But I don’t want to starve them and have them nag me all afternoon.

So I have “eat anytime” snacks. My favourites are:

  • a bowl of frozen peas
  • a raw carrot
  • a handful of dried cranberries
  • raw mushrooms

Basically, if its a vegetable, they can have it! I figure if they “spoil” their tea eating vegetables, then it’s a win (unless I’m trying to get them to eat a sit-down meal or try something new). It does mean they are “grazing”, though.

I try not to give them too much fruit. Dried cranberries are the favourite thing to eat round here, if you’re under five. I have had to put the dried fruit up high where they can’t help themselves. I had a few incidents where an entire packet of dried apricots was gobbled by Mr 4 years old before breakfast. That’s not pretty!

Do you have any rules for snacks? Do you have a sit-down meal for lunch and dinner? I have a hard time with this because dinner times are so staggered in my household. Sometimes I have three dinner times because Stephen works so late. Does anyone else struggle with this?

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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