Caring for Wool Nappy Covers

I’ve been promising for a while to document how I look after my wool nappy (diaper) covers. Well, here it is at last! Caring for wool covers is quite a different story to your typical laundry process. This is mostly because you hardly ever have to wash them! This is just amazing, in my opinion.Continue reading “Caring for Wool Nappy Covers”

Nappy leaks: getting to the source

A few weeks after making my two new wool nappy covers, I found that Evie was constantly having nappy leaks. One moment she is standing there, looking suddenly focussed, the next a great flood of wee comes down her leg. “Poo-poo!” She announces, and I sigh. I was pretty disappointed, and I blamed my newContinue reading “Nappy leaks: getting to the source”