A London Liripipe Hood

I’ve joined the ranks of many re-enactors who have decided to make a replica of a London Hood — complete with a silly “liripipe” tail! This project kept me busy with a number of different skills, so I might break this down into sections, with more detail in additional posts. I initially drafted this postContinue reading “A London Liripipe Hood”

Rowany Festival

Yesterday¬†marked the end of our Easter holiday break. This year, Easter landed smack bang in the middle of the school holidays, which was great! It was also close to ANZAC day (a major memorial for World War I, which is a public holiday in Australia). This meant Stephen could take just three days off workContinue reading “Rowany Festival”

Quick Costuming Update

So … what have I been so busy with lately? Well, child rearing. Okay, what else? Costuming! I participate in the SCA, which is a basically a bunch of people who get together to reproduce medieval arts and crafts, costuming and combat. You may have heard of them, they are everywhere! In my local areaContinue reading “Quick Costuming Update”