Volunteering for fun and (well, not!) profit!

Until I started raising small children I hadn’t really any idea just how important volunteers are in my local community. In my profession (a computer programmer, now consulting) I don’t come into contact with volunteers a whole lot, unless it is to pass people in the street collecting money for their cause. But in the world of smallContinue reading “Volunteering for fun and (well, not!) profit!”

Rowany Festival

Yesterday marked the end of our Easter holiday break. This year, Easter landed smack bang in the middle of the school holidays, which was great! It was also close to ANZAC day (a major memorial for World War I, which is a public holiday in Australia). This meant Stephen could take just three days off workContinue reading “Rowany Festival”

Mixed feelings: sadness, anger and guilt

You’ve probably all experienced grief in some form. Grieving for some one or some thing is different to feeling upset about something bad happening. It goes deeper than that. Today I’m feeling those mixed feelings I get when I feel true grief. I had to take my youngest chick up to the vet today, andContinue reading “Mixed feelings: sadness, anger and guilt”