Last weekend we ducked out to a local park to have a picnic, and a short bush walk.

Stephen and the Kids walking along a bush path

We are lucky enough to live right on the edge of a National Park, which means there are many bush walks within a few minutes of us. We moved here when I was still pregnant with William, so we’ve not done much long distance walking (I was either too whale-like, or the kids too small to take the steep grades). There is a lot of up and down in our area!

More walking

The native bush in Northern Sydney is full of gum trees of various shapes and colours: absolutely beautiful trees.

Beautiful twisty tree
Beautiful twisty tree

There is evidence of bushfire back-burning in this area, with a fair bit of regrowth over the spring and summer. In the next picture, check out all the blackened tree trunks, and in the foreground there is a flowering “grass tree” (Xanthorrhoea). It’s a grassy-shrub with a long reed-like spike coming out of the top.

Burnt bush with verdant regrowth
Blackened trees with rich regrowth

This area is full of grass trees, but they don’t flower very often. We have a grass tree in a pot at home, but it has not flowered yet, and I’ve had it at least ten years. They are very slow growing plants.

Grass trees in the undergrowth
Undergrowth, thick with grass trees

There are also a couple of really big burnt out trees that are so hollow, much of the tree trunk is missing.

Giant hollow tree

That one is so big I think you could fit a park bench across it!

Hollow tree with a peek-a-boo hole
This tree has a peek-a-boo hole!

This one is right by the path, and William loves to peek through that hole when I’m on the other side. 🙂

Side of a hollow tree
This is the side of the peek-a-boo tree. I hide on the inside. 🙂

I don’t how these trees stay upright! They are so beautiful with their scribbly bark.

And then there’s this fabulous view:

Water views from the lookout


4 thoughts on “Bushwalking

    1. One of the things I love about Australia is that you can usually find some kind of National Park or a bush walk within a few minutes of your home, even the in the middle of our most built-up cities, like Sydney!

      I thought you might like this one :).

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