One Lovely Blog Award!

One Lovely Blog AwardHere’s a thing out of the blue: Matina from You hand made me {happy} has nominated my blog for the “One Lovely Blog Award”! 🙂

Thank you, Matina! I’m glad my blog is finding an audience, even whilst I am busy, busy and not updating as often as I used to. 🙂

I am feeling more relaxed about chain letter style blog awards, since I last accepted the Liebster Award. This new one is a little more casual, which I like. I get to tell you a bunch of facts about myself, and then (of course) nominate some other blogs which I think you may find interesting. So here we go:

7 Facts about me
  1. My favourite food is roast potatoes. There was a period in my adult life where I couldn’t eat any food at all (I had a tube to get nutrition). The food I missed most was roast potato. Go figure!
  2. I enjoy wearing variations on the historical costumes I make, as every day wear. This makes me a little bit eccentric, I think: I’m easy to spot at the supermarket with my long swishy skirts! I frequently get complimented, though, when I’m wearing my black skirt with the red stripe. For some reason, people really love this one, and they tell me so!
  3. I tend to really focus on tasks. When I’m doing a hobby, I tend to spend all my time on that one thing, until the buzz wears off, and I flit to the next. This results in a lot of Works in Progress! I have to work when the inspiration strikes me. This blog is a great exercise on regularly revisiting a task!
  4. I’m a dreamer. I spend chunks of my day imagining what I would do to the space beside the fridge, or imagining a new costume to create. Pinterest is an enabler! I think dreaming about things is a sort of pseudo vacation time. And sometimes these dreams are made into reality!
  5. I don’t like shopping. Especially for shoes, or clothes. Especially with the kids along.
  6. I don’t have a favourite colour, but I don’t like cream, and purple is not a colour I would have around me very often.
  7. I’m a computer programmer. It wasn’t until my first year of university that I discovered this; before that I was going to be a rocket scientist, and before that a surgeon. In the distant past, I was going to be a ballerina.

There you go, that was a bit of an eclectic mix. 🙂

Here are some blogs I think you might enjoy. These blogs aren’t necessarily small blogs, but I think sharing some good reading is in the spirit of this award. If you are nominated, please don’t feel obliged to “pass it on”! It’s enough for me to let you know that I read and recommend your blog! 🙂

  • Mended Wheels – a little bit of this and that, from an author who feels so very real.
  • Life in the Orchard – a look at life in an orchard, from another mum with young kids, doing it simply. 🙂
  • Ants to Sugar – a quilting blog with a sense of colour that I really love. Beautiful to visit!
  • Morgan Donner’s Sewing Party – truly delicious costuming, and very well described.
  • Katafalk – another really wonderful, detailed, historical recreation blog. This work is so excellent!
  • The Greening of Gavin – Gavin had a green epiphany and is really enthusiastic about his journey to a greener life.  🙂

Well, that’s it from me today! I’m planning to show you guys some progress on the orchard project we worked on earlier this year. Stay tuned! 🙂

2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your nomination! It truly means a lot to me to have someone recommend my blog and my work for that blog to others. I also have to tell you, I think I am in love with your description of my blog! haha! I do try to keep it real in my land. Although, I must admit I won’t be posting photos of the wrecked state my home is in now after my husband and I were both down sick for over a week! Ha!

    Thank you again! It means a lot!


    Liked by 1 person

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