Rowany Festival Garb 2017

Have you wondered¬†why it has gone quiet on the blog these last few weeks? I needed to get a *lot* of new garb made for Rowany Festival 2017! From top left we have: Three smaller child tunics (for Will, Evie, and Evie) and a teenager tunic (Izzy) Another teen tunic (Izzy) with a viking Kaftan;Continue reading “Rowany Festival Garb 2017”

T-tunic Seam Reviews

Hello all! I have a photo fiesta for you today, showing the various types of seam treatments I have used inside the humble SCA T-tunic.¬†This is a basic medieval garment that is worn as underwear or layered for warmth. The T-tunic is made up of various rectangles and triangles that fit together in complicated ways.Continue reading “T-tunic Seam Reviews”

Quick Costuming Update

So … what have I been so busy with lately? Well, child rearing. Okay, what else? Costuming! I participate in the SCA, which is a basically a bunch of people who get together to reproduce medieval arts and crafts, costuming and combat. You may have heard of them, they are everywhere! In my local areaContinue reading “Quick Costuming Update”