Quick Costuming Update

Laced corset over chemise

So … what have I been so busy with lately?

Well, child rearing. Okay, what else?

Costuming! I participate in the SCA, which is a basically a bunch of people who get together to reproduce medieval arts and crafts, costuming and combat. You may have heard of them, they are everywhere!

In my local area we have a festival at Easter that I’ve been preparing for. So far I’ve made a chemise (a long white undershirt), a corset, and I’m in the process of making an early tudor kirtle.

A kirtle is a supportive dress that performs a similar function to a modern bra, with a dress included. A tudor lady would wear another dress over the top of this. That’s a fair few layers of clothing!

I’m about to put some temporary lacing onto the bodice of my kirtle, so that I can fit and sew the skirt.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I’ve been up to. πŸ™‚

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