Rowany Festival Garb 2017

Have you wondered why it has gone quiet on the blog these last few weeks? I needed to get a *lot* of new garb made for Rowany Festival 2017!


From top left we have:

  • Three smaller child tunics (for Will, Evie, and Evie) and a teenager tunic (Izzy)
  • Another teen tunic (Izzy) with a viking Kaftan; a viking serk for me, and a blue apron dress (with Viking bling!)
  • The same dress with the birka tablet woven belt I made, my own kaftan, a second natural linen apron dress (designed to go over a white serk, which I didn’t have time to make); a pink tunic for Evie.

In total, this represents 11 completely new garments from scratch!

Some of the tunics are more authentically created than others. Isobel’s yellow tunic, for example, was flat-felled by hand.

Detail of hand felled seams

However, by the time I got around to Will’s new green tunic, I was giving him sewing lessons, so we finished this tunic on the overlocker (serger). He sewed most of the seams himself (sitting on my lap)!

My apron dresses have the back straps meeting towards the centre:

The natural linen coloured one has hand-sewn top hem and flat-felled seams.

I wanted to recreate the Haithabu Harbour dresses here, so the top of the dress is quite tight (I had to take the red mannequin apart to get the thing on over her hips!). The blue dress feels about right, but needs the back darts to be added. I may take the dresses in above the waist to make them more fitted, as the flare begins right up at the top hem.

Here we are enjoying festival in our new gear! (Hats were not made by me — but they are so awesome!)

IMG_4383 (1).jpg

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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