Teddy Clothes

This year Evie asked me to make her teddy some clothing, as a present for her birthday.

This material just begged to be made into something sweet for Evie, as it has all her favourite things: pink colours, gold sparkle and some busy geometric shapes. I can’t even begin to describe the squeeee moment I had when I finished this dress for teddy.

It is beyond cute.

To manage this mischief, I kidnapped teddy for a while and got to work with some paper: gradually cutting away shapes and fitting around teddy’s floppy narrow neck, and working out how long to make the back straps.


The one button on the back fastens the skirt and the straps together in one.

I made a second dress using the same pattern, using some leftover fabric from a top I’d just made for me. With this dress I used two buttons so that the dress could be reversible!

3 thoughts on “Teddy Clothes

  1. So cute! I made something similar for my little girl’s baby doll last month. I need to make more doll clothes of her.

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