“Summer Trip” Baby Quilt

I have a brand new niece!

This occasion calls for a brand new baby quilt, of course.

This quilt is a scrappy Trip Around the World, which I’ve been pinning for *ever* on Pinterest.

The backing is an old flannelette baby sheet of Evie’s that just matched so perfectly!

Isn’t the texture delicious?

The quilting consists of cheerful daisy motifs that pop up out of their spiral centres. I stippled the background to emphasise the flowers, and really exercised my new Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) skills.

I’m delighted with this quilt! Not bad for my first real FMQ on a proper sized quilt, huh?

I think it is serendipitous that my niece is called “Summer” — this quilt is just so perfect!

Happy Birthday, baby girl. May your future be a riot of colour and fun!

4 thoughts on ““Summer Trip” Baby Quilt

    1. Ha! 😀 No, I don’t sell anything, I’m just sharing things I’ve made.

      I didn’t actually use a pattern for this, but I used a well known technique called “Trip Around the World”. This particular variation is called “Scrappy Trip Around the World” — if you search on Pinterest for this (which is what I did for *hours*) you will find a lot of inspiration and some tutorials on how to piece a block.

      It’s easy enough, but time consuming! Hope you try it, I think they look fantastic.


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