Basic Whey Bread Rolls

Today I used up some of my yoghurt whey to make some tasty dinner rolls. I thought it might be fun to present this as a pictorial how-to, rather than a “recipe”. Enjoy! 🙂 These are the ingredients for basic bread: baker’s flour, liquid (yoghurt whey in my case), salt, yeast and oil. First measure outContinue reading “Basic Whey Bread Rolls”

Tutorial: Making yoghurt with fresh milk

Today I’d like to share with you how I make my yoghurt, using fresh milk. This is not the first method I’ve used: a long while ago now a friend in my Mothers’ group revealed she made yoghurt using a system she bought at our supermarket, and I was intrigued. Turns out, you can buyContinue reading “Tutorial: Making yoghurt with fresh milk”

Draining yoghurt for extra yum!

Hi all. 🙂 Today I’m taking it a bit easy because I have some new glasses, and I’ve been getting some eye-strain. Meh! It’s also still pretty hot, although not as bad as down in other parts of Australia (hi Melbourne!), where I think they are frying eggs on their car bonnets. Keep cool youContinue reading “Draining yoghurt for extra yum!”