Octopus Tutorial: Shake those booties!

Welcome to the final instalment in my tutorial series: making a softie octopus. 🙂 So far we have: Constructed a round body piece, Made some cute scrappy legs, and attached the legs to the body. Now we are going to finish off with some scrap booties! In previous projects I have used denim cut fromContinue reading “Octopus Tutorial: Shake those booties!”

Octopus Tutorial: Cover that Tush!

Welcome to part three of my series on making a softie octopus. By now you have constructed the body, and made eight plaited scrappy legs. In this tutorial I will show you how to attach those legs to the body, and “cover that tush”! 🙂 Preparation There are two quick things you need to doContinue reading “Octopus Tutorial: Cover that Tush!”

Octopus Tutorial: Legs Alive!

Welcome to part two of my tutorial series on constructing an Octopus Softie! We have already constructed the body, and now we are going to make some plaited raggedy legs. 🙂 In the last tutorial I made some suggestions about fabrics for the legs. If you haven’t already sorted this out, go choose some longContinue reading “Octopus Tutorial: Legs Alive!”

Octopus Tutorial: Constructing the Body

As promised in my last post, here begins a tutorial series on how to construct an octopus softie! For the first part, we will be looking at how to construct the body. For this tutorial I’m going to concentrate on hand sewing, but I have previously used a sewing machine to assemble the body parts.Continue reading “Octopus Tutorial: Constructing the Body”

Softie Octopus Finished!

I have been making an octopus softie for Evie’s birthday coming up in early March. This is a design I came up with a couple of Christmases ago that works really well with scrappy lightweight fabrics! I took the octopus on a tour of the house, and he found some nice quiet places to sit:Continue reading “Softie Octopus Finished!”