It’s my birthday!

I’ve spent my day relaxing at home, nursing a cold, which means lots of archive binging on weaving sites. Why? Because I’m really excited about this landing in my living room last weekend (no, not a birthday present!)


This is a four-shaft loom I borrowed from a friend of mine. This is a huge upgrade on my previous set up, which was a zero-shaft tapestry frame. 🙂

I’m hoping to use this to get my mum’s birthday present (from last year! Groan) finally sorted. So far, I’ve been stalled at the prototype phase. The reed I have access to is a 16-dent reed (I think this means 16 slots per inch … I think) which is probably not quite right for the warp thread I used on my prototype. I need to source something thinner to go through the narrower slots. After that … I’m home and hosed!

Well, maybe.

Pretty cool, huh?

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