William’s “Wonky Cross” quilt

Pssst: This is my 100th post! 🙂 This is a busy time of year, and in the lead up to Christmas I’m making a bunch of hand made gifts! William’s birthday is just two days after Christmas Day, so this year I’ve made him a much-needed lap quilt: I’ll show you a fancy gallery inContinue reading “William’s “Wonky Cross” quilt”

Big reveal: woven tea towels!

I’m excited to finally be able to reveal what I’ve been working away on over the last few months: a set of woven tea towels for my Mum’s birthday! These turned out so well. 🙂 Not much like the original sample concept I tried back in January … but since then I managed to borrow aContinue reading “Big reveal: woven tea towels!”

It’s my birthday!

I’ve spent my day relaxing at home, nursing a cold, which means lots of archive binging on weaving sites. Why? Because I’m really excited about this landing in my living room last weekend (no, not a birthday present!) This is a four-shaft loom I borrowed from a friend of mine. This is a huge upgrade onContinue reading “It’s my birthday!”