Clean the kettle with vinegar

I’m an avid tea drinker, so every now and then I notice that my kettle has a build up of scale: This is my cue to pull out the household white vinegar (ordinary cheap stuff I use for all sorts of things). I pour some into the bottom of the kettle, hopefully above the dirty mark line,Continue reading “Clean the kettle with vinegar”

Removing stickers painlessly

Hey everyone! Last time my kids went to preschool, they were honouring Daffodil Day — promoting awareness about cancer, and asking for a small donation. William got a real kick out of getting his Daffodil Day sticker, so he was totally unimpressed when it turned out that I had thoughtlessly washed it from his redContinue reading “Removing stickers painlessly”

Orange Infused Vinegar

I have discovered a great way to make some great smelling cleaning products, using ordinary white vinegar, and orange peels. Cleaning with vinegar is nothing terribly new: there are hundreds of recipes and creative uses for this staple cleaning product. I think the most straight-up useful way is as a glass cleaner. Just squirt itContinue reading “Orange Infused Vinegar”

Cleaning my Sewing Machine

I came across a blog post recently, outlining how to clean a sewing machine (which I can’t find to share for you, sorry!). I remember thinking — you need to do that? I’ve never done that! This week, after I finished Izzy’s duffle bag and had decided to take a brief sewing break, I decidedContinue reading “Cleaning my Sewing Machine”