Removing stickers painlessly

Hey everyone!

Last time my kids went to preschool, they were honouring Daffodil Day — promoting awareness about cancer, and asking for a small donation. William got a real kick out of getting his Daffodil Day sticker, so he was totally unimpressed when it turned out that I had thoughtlessly washed it from his red jumper:

Sticker stain on red jacket
The sticker paper washed away, leaving behind the gummy residue. Oops!

This mark was very gummy to touch, a bit like a rubber glove crossed with a sticky toffee. Not going to just rub off with my fingertips!

I immediately turned, as I always do in moments like these, to Eucalyptus Oil:

100% pure eucalyptus oil
I use 100% pure, not the diluted stuff.

This stuff is magic for removing stickers and labels from pretty much anything I’ve tried it on! Mostly I use it for getting the remnants of labels from glass bottles, but I’ve had success with fabric too.

Just take a cleaning cloth and dab on some Eucalytpus oil. Rub away at the area, and in moments …

Sticker partially cleaned away
Almost there …

… the muck just comes clean away!

It doesn’t even really wet the area, but it does make a very (nice!) strong smell. Moments later, I had cleaned off the sticky mess, leaving me with a clean jacket ready to wear.

Clean jacket
All clean again!

The smell dissipated over about half an hour and Will didn’t notice anything amiss when he put in on this morning.

I also use a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil in the fabric softener slot in my washing machine, for loads I want to freshen up (eg. nappies, towels and linens). I’ve never had a problem with it changing colours on fabrics, but if you are concerned, test the inside of your garment first! This time I noticed some faint redness on my working cloth:

Faint red smudge on the cleaning cloth
Faint red smudge on my cleaning cloth

It may be that the colour came off the metal press-stud, or it may have come off the fabric. I didn’t notice any difference in colour on the jacket, but use caution for a special garment. 🙂

Easy peasy, pudding pie!

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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