Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Okay, so they won’t really grow beanstalks that reach up into the sky and lead to a cornucopia of golden egg laying geese, will they? I think beans are magical, though, because of the sheer distracting power they have over children. Ha, bet you didn’t think I was going to say that! Kids fighting in theContinue reading “Beans, beans, the magical fruit”

Have you tried Polenta?

Our family has become increasingly vegetarian over the last couple of years as we start to question where our food really comes from, and how it was raised. This has been a gradual process, with an occasional leap forward when we discover new recipes. One of the really wonderful discoveries in our vegetarian odyssey hasContinue reading “Have you tried Polenta?”

Draining yoghurt for extra yum!

Hi all. 🙂 Today I’m taking it a bit easy because I have some new glasses, and I’ve been getting some eye-strain. Meh! It’s also still pretty hot, although not as bad as down in other parts of Australia (hi Melbourne!), where I think they are frying eggs on their car bonnets. Keep cool youContinue reading “Draining yoghurt for extra yum!”