“Joyburst” Baby Quilt

There’s something wonderful about making a baby quilt. Mostly I love this because I can take a creative idea and play about with it, without needing to design for an epic-sized project. And this one I made entirely from scrap! My inspiration for this quilt was this quilt by Karen Griska. I loved the riotousContinue reading ““Joyburst” Baby Quilt”

Isobel’s Triangle Quilt

This Christmas I made Isobel a twin-size equilateral triangle quilt. This is the biggest quilt I’ve completed since I was in High School! It overlaps her single bed with enough to tuck in at the sides. This was the project that I hinted about last year, when I posted about using starch for the first timeContinue reading “Isobel’s Triangle Quilt”

“hoot!” baby quilt finished!

I have finished my sister’s baby quilt! I called this one “hoot!” because the little green owl seemed to pop out at me. Some of these fabrics are so cute! In my tutorial for this quilt top I showed how to put the diagonal sashing together. I decided to echo the diagonal lines with someContinue reading ““hoot!” baby quilt finished!”

Tutorial: Diagonal Quilt Sashing

Hello everyone! I’ve been a busy bee over the last couple of weeks, preparing for the crazy Christmas and Birthday season that is looming upon me! William was born two days after Christmas, and now I have a soon-to-be-niece arriving somewhere around December 14, so there is much to do! Luckily I had a coupleContinue reading “Tutorial: Diagonal Quilt Sashing”