Introducing our mini herd

When we brought home our two does at the end of 2020, little did we know that we had the makings of a small herd of miniature goats! In April 2021 (almost a whole year ago now) we had four new kids arrive, and we decided to keep them all.

Let’s meet the new kids on the block!

(Sorry, I’ll stop doing these terrible boy band puns soon, I promise)!


Pumpkin is female (a doe) with a white forehead blaze on a black head, a black line down her back, mottled black / white on her right hand side, and mostly white on her left hand side. 

She has black legs with white feet (except her front right leg which is mostly white), and a white tail. Her ears are black with white speckles.


Percy is male (a wether), brown eyed, with a white saddle / barrel chest and black everywhere else. He also has a black head with a white blaze on the forehead, and a white tail.

His fur is less mottled than Pumpkinā€™s and he has alternate coloured legs (his front legs are more blotchy than his back legs).


Charlie (a wether) is brown eyed, with a warm russet and black coat, with some white patches on his tail, belly, front legs and head.

He has white speckles on his ears and in the saddle area of his coat that make him look like a fawn.


Finally, we have Jade, who is such a delicate little doe.

She is black and fawn coloured (dusty brown) with Swiss markings (I think) like her mum (Keira).

Her summer coat is fawn coloured, but her winter coat is plumping up with soft grey cashmere.

  • Goats grazing in a green field with shrubs
What goats do when it’s rainy outside!

Can you find five goats in this photo?

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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