Teeny Tiny French Seams

I made another pair of City Gym Shorts as a birthday present for my eldest. Happy Birthday Izzy!

This time I decided to try finishing the seams with the teeniest tiniest French seams you can imagine. And it worked!


I am a big fan of French seams because they are very quick to sew (provided you are paying attention and put the wrong sides together the first time around!) and they produce a very tidy finish on the inside, that is comfortable to wear.

Particularly for little shorts!


I used a 1/8th” seam to sew the crotch pieces together and then sewed the second seam at a generous 1/8th” (maybe closer to a scant quarter inch) to finish.

The very narrow seam allowance meant I could turn the curved part of the seam on itself without clipping. Worked a treat!

I really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment! :)

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