Three handwoven tea towels

I’ve long been attracted to weaving, in many different forms.

I think I first tried weaving at an inkle loom class at a medieval festival. From there I discovered tablet weaving (another type of woven braid) and was thoroughly hooked. I put tablet-woven edges onto all sorts of historical costumes, and I’m still making braids with more and more complexity.

During 2014 I discovered Laverne Waddington’s wonderful blog on back strap weaving and decided I wanted to try traditional weaving (wider pieces, not just braid). I borrowed a friend’s table loom and managed by some stroke of luck to produce four twill tea towels before I needed to give it back. However despite subsequently acquiring my own table loom, much time passed before I made any further progress with traditional weaving.

In 2022 I decided to learn to weave in earnest, taking a career break from my software engineering job. I purchased a brand new Louët Spring II loom and signed up for the Jane Stafford School of Weaving, a comprehensive online learn-to-weave course.

I’ve really put my whole self into weaving, and I couldn’t be happier!

Birka Motif Tablet Woven Belt

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Tea Towels

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